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When I sat down to create a pair of leather earrings for the first time, the picture that appeared in my mind was of a lily flower (like the ones in my Lily Collection). However, I did not realize what it was or how to make it, so I chose to make a diamond shaped earring instead (which now makes up my Adamas Collection). 


Lilies represent the abundance of God and are my favorite flower. When I was looking up name meanings, I found a site that not only gave a description, but notated what number and color is associated with each name/word. At first, those did not matter much to me. Then I started to think.


Lily is associated with the number 22 - the first pair of earrings I ever created was on May 22. When I discovered this, I realized how special it was that I had decided “lily” would be in the name.


Secondarily, Lily is associated with the color blue and Belle with red. And I knew I wanted the colors for my brand to be blue, red and purple (blue + red = purple), so it made perfect sense! These 3 colors are also commonly associated with the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and knowing that played a huge part in my decision when it came to my branding. The gold is the accent to represent the treasure within each of us put there by God.


How I came up with “Belle” is a different story. I have a cat named Lily (a.k.a. “The Littlest”) and it actually came rolling off my tongue one day: “Lily Belle!” Just a cute “pet” name, I thought. But when I sat down to write out names and phrases that would be contenders for a business name, “Lily Belle” came back to my mind. Belle means “beautiful” and “blessed.” And I believe these pieces can be a blessing and add to the beauty of the people who wear them. It ultimately gave me the most peace and I chose it with excitement and anticipation for what was ahead.


My goal is to create something new and unique with inspiration and peace. 



My name is Stephanie Jeter, and I am an artist. In May 2018, I became inspired to create leather earrings after making my first pair with a creative friend and businesswoman who then encouraged me to strike out on my own. Months after receiving so much encouragement from friends, family and strangers, I knew it was time. Lily Belle was born!


Handcrafted with love, Lily Belle jewelry is also inspired by my faith. When I started this process, I felt that God was leading me in all areas. Whether it was picking out a bag of random leather scraps only to find some rare colored pieces or finding charms at a local shop in Georgetown, Texas, and being encouraged by the owner to pursue this passion, God was in every nook and cranny. All of the collections are named and themed with thoughtful intention and prayer. His peaceful nudges have helped guide me to create original pieces of jewelry that, I believe, carry something from Him to the wearer - and it is different for each person. God knows what we need, I just make one of the many vessels He uses to deliver!

If you’d like to know more about the inspiration behind each Collection, please see the descriptions.


In addition to crafting the Lily Belle Collections, I am an avid photographer, have 3 adorable cats, and I love karaoke.



Lily Belle jewelry, handcrafted in Georgetown, Texas, is intentionally made with high quality materials and styles that have special meaning.

Materials & Shapes

(Bible verses NKJV)

Arrow – represents bringing Heaven to earth, and experiencing a breakthrough

Bird – represents the Holy Spirit (John 1:32)

Bronze – strength (Psalms 18:2)

Diamond – unconquerable (Romans 8:37)

Feather – represents the presence of God, we are never alone (Psalms 91:4)

Gold – the gold within you

Heart – being known and loved by God (Romans 5:5)

Key – authority, revelation

Leaf – new seasons, transitions and prosperity (Psalms 1:3)

Leather – perseverance (Romans 5:1-5)

Pearl – precious (we are all precious to God)

Silver – refined by fire (Psalms 66:8-10)

Triangle – justice, strong foundation, stability, faith/hope/love

Wings – protection and provision (Psalms 63:7)


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